Topic based overviews provide a brief summary on a subject area for the Torbay population.

The Torbay Suicide and Self-harm Prevention Plan 2022-2023 is on the Torbay Council website.

Alcohol (2021)

  • An overview of alcohol related health problems in Torbay in 2021.

Cardiovascular Diseases (2024)

  • Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in Torbay, 2024

Child Weight (2023)

  • Child weight in Torbay (2023)

Climate Change (2022)

  • Climate change for Torbay, 2022

Cold Homes (Torbay)

  • An overview of cold homes, fuel poverty, and associated health problems and inequalities in 2019 in Torbay.

Contraception, Conception and Parenting (2020)

  • Contraception, Conception and Parenting in under 25 year olds in Torbay


  • An overview of dementia in Torbay in 2023

Dental Caries (2018)

  • An overview of dental caries (tooth decay) in children and young people in Torbay in 2018.

Diabetes (2020)

  • An overview of diabetes in Torbay in 2020


  • An overview of falls in those aged 65 and over in Torbay

Housing in Torbay

  • An overview of housing in Torbay in 2022

Issues of Speech & Language on Children

  • Issues of speech and language on Torbay children in 2018

Measles (2018)

  • An overview of measles and vaccination for Torbay.

Population Overview

  • An overview of the Torbay population in 2021

Premature Death in Torbay

  • An overview of premature death in Torbay (5 years ending 2021)


  • An overview of self-harm in South Devon and Torbay in 2019.

Skin Cancer (2019)

  • An overview of skin cancer in Torbay in 2019

Smoking (2019)

  • The impact of tobacco smoking in Torbay (2019)

Suicide (2023)

  • A short overview of suicide in Torbay

Ticks and Lyme Disease

  • An overview of ticks and lyme disease

Tuberculosis (TB) (2020)

  • An overview of tuberculosis (TB) in Torbay (2020)

Winter Flu (2018)

  • An overview of winter flu in Torbay in 2018.

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